10 Profitable Digital Skills That Make You Instantly Employable

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As the world continues to evolve, more businesses are choosing to prioritize specific talents above years of experience when filling open positions. As more people use the internet to study, get information, and make purchases, businesses of all kinds require personnel who understand how to manage, advertise, and interact online. This means that if you want to secure your dream job, you need to know the profitable digital skills that will guarantee you a job even without a lengthy portfolio.

Digital skills are essential for organizations of all sizes that want to boost brand awareness, provide excellent social customer care, create leads, and increase revenue. As a result, organizations are increasingly looking for competent personnel who can assist them in growing through digital channels.

digital-skills-protenWe’ll now look at the top trending profitable digital skills that top employers and recruiters are looking for on a daily basis. Then we’ll go over several soft skills that recruiters secretly check for during interview sessions.

1. Videography

Video material is easier to digest than other formats, such as a blog article. It’s also more enjoyable and appealing to Millennials. As smartphone users get younger, social media apps like WhatsApp, Weibo, and WeChat are becoming the de facto platforms for instant messaging interaction.

Video has progressed from being merely a form of entertainment to a key source of social media material. YouTube has become a big and influential platform, while platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have flipped video marketing on its head to generate rich influencers.

2. Social Media

Understanding and properly exploiting social media is a critical and important skill that every professional should possess today. Social media marketing is more than just posting a tweet or a Facebook status update; it is about understanding the complex relationships between brands, influencers, and customers.

Simply put, businesses must reach out to customers in ways that will bring visitors to their website—or product—for eventual conversion.

According to a recent study, there are 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide. And 80% of these people are active mobile device users. Companies are actively seeking personnel experienced in increasing digital exposure, as the numbers show no signs of decline.

3. PPC Marketing (Pay-Per-Click)

Understanding impressions, reach, cost-per-click, and the rules and regulations for running Ads are talents that will make your Digital Marketing resume stand apart. PPC is a popular strategy for brands to swiftly increase visitors. Companies with large money leverage it to rapidly get their links to appear on Google’s first page, resulting in tremendous traffic.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing entails boosting the exposure of a company’s or organization’s online platform on search engines such as Google and Bing. Most businesses are in the business of delivering value to customers and want to outperform their competitors in order to be easily recognized online.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of clients who went online to buy caused an increase in e-commerce transactions.

That is why marketers, content managers, and webmasters spend a significant amount of time tweaking websites, particularly for mobile and ad campaigns, in order to achieve the highest potential conversion rates.

This means that job candidates who have a solid understanding of search marketing will be extremely beneficial to firms in terms of improving their visibility and searchability.

5. Strategy & Planning

Long-term measurable results are most likely for businesses who adopt a digital marketing campaign plan. Setting precise KPIs and determining strategies for measuring each indication, for example, might assist a marketer in staying accountable. Instead of improvising, digital marketers that are knowledgeable in strategy and research can simply build and deploy campaigns based on analytics and measurable SEO data.

digital-skills-proten6. Data Analytics

Data analytics, in essence, enables company managers to make intelligent and data-driven decisions that lead to superior business insights. Numbers determine whether or not a campaign was effective and by how much. The goal is to understand what data should be collected and measured in order to better the subsequent campaign.

Because analytics and SEM work hand in hand, becoming a data analytics professional can make you a very valuable employee. You’ll be able to combine and apply your talents to determine what consumers want and how to captivate and keep their attention.

7. Mobile Marketing 

Using mobile-friendly content helps boost your search presence among consumers who do not have access to desktop computers. Since smartphone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic (64%), mobile-first indexing is now used by Google when crawling pages and prioritizing content. Job searchers can make use of this knowledge by customizing campaigns using the most recent advancements in mobile search and customer experience.

8. Email Marketing 

Email marketing has shown to be one of the most effective methods of acquiring and retaining leads, and more businesses are beginning to reap the rewards. People may alter their social media accounts or residential locations, but they are less likely to alter their email addresses. As a result, professionals who understand the power of email campaigns that engage directly with consumers are in great demand.

Digital marketing experts that understand each funnel stage – from the signup page, including placement on a website, to the welcome email – are usually in high demand by top organizations.

9. Content Marketing

Marketers can spend their time fine-tuning keywords and advertising efforts, but content remains king. After all, the content of a website or social media page is what drives it, and without it, buyers have no way of truly understanding the benefits of the product or service.

Content is essential for increasing brand awareness and positioning brands or influencers as leading experts. As a result, anyone looking for a job in digital marketing must understand the significance of developing content that is related to keyword research and optimizing it in a campaign.

10. Digital Marketing

If you previously assumed that digital marketing was solely about SEO and content research, you will need to revise your definition. Becoming a digital marketing specialist entails mastering a wide range of profitable digital skills and their respective tools, such as email tracking tools, productivity apps, and software that help to optimize the digital sales funnel in general.

Digital marketers must be where their prospects are to connect with and influence them.

digital-skills-protenDo You Still Need to Learn New Soft Skills?

As physical workspaces become less common and more firms seek to employ more digitally-inclined professions, it’s easy to forget the need of developing soft skills. However, recent research has shown that workplaces that prioritize soft training programs for their staff typically experience higher levels of collaborative productivity.

But what soft skills should you prioritize? In today’s corporate world, which soft skills are making a difference?

1. Creative Thinking

Even in positions that don’t appear to be creative, creative problem-solving can help to address the toughest business challenges. Developing your creative abilities can help you identify new methods to advance your career or make improvements at work.


2. Collaboration & Teamwork

Collaboration can set the mood for innovative ideas and help businesses become more efficient. Developing your capacity to operate in a team will greatly benefit your career by enabling your organization and coworkers to become more productive.

3. Leadership skills

To lead people, you must first understand them. Empathy, cultural intelligence, and decision-making abilities will be useful whenever you need to take on a new project or even ask for a raise.

4. Communication skills

Almost every task requires the assistance of others. You will be better able to collaborate on projects, share information efficiently, and negotiate with colleagues, clients, or employers if you improve your communication skills.

Last Notes..

While a list of profitable digital skills that can guarantee you a job without experience is useful, it’s vital to focus on one at a time. That’s why our learning & development page is constantly updated to display the best skills employers and recruiters are constantly searching for.

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